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Jade Roller, Gua Sha & Cosmetic Cupping Course

From the no. 1 International Bestselling author, this is the online course designed for therapist's to introduce cupping, gua sha and the jade roller in their clinic. Learn the most innovative techniques that work scientifically as well as holistically to give you great results in clinic. Based on the techniques the founders used in their famous clinic...
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Introduce cosmetic cupping, gua sha and the jade roller in your clinic today!

What's included?

  • 15 Video presentations
  • 21 Illustrated Guides
  • 14 short Quizzes 
  • Dedicated Personal Tutor
  • Online Exam
  • Certificate on Completion

Expert Guidance

You will learn how to treat the main cosmetic issues that occur on the neck and face. The course takes you through each major issue step by step and gives clear visual demonstrations, with a detailed manual to assist you perform the best protocols

Tailored treatments

 You will also learn how to build your own personal treatment protocols for each client's unique presentation. This included pre-treatment and post treatment protocols and also when and how to combine with other techniques.
Meet the instructor

Anthony Kingston

Anthony Kingston has been teaching and specialising in cosmetic acupuncture since 2004. He co founded the first specialist cosmetic acupuncture clinic in Australia in 2007. It quickly grew to fame internationally and has repeatedly been featured in the media since 2008. The techniques and protocols pioneered in the clinic have been taught to therapists around the world. Anthony is an international industry expert and best selling author. He has a degree in Chinese Medicine and a Masters degree in Herbal Pharmacology. He spent many years studying these specialist skills in Asia and brought them to the west following a growth in alternative anti aging. Additionally Anthony now consults and supports International Health and beauty brands to help them achieve their true potential.
Anthony Kingston
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