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White Lotus is built on the foundations of expertise and knowledge. The founders started the first specialist cosmetic acupuncture clinic in Australia. They spent years learning specialist knowledge in Asia and when the clinic opened it rapidly became internationally famous. If you want to learn from trainers that have pioneered the holistic beauty industry for two decades with genuine natural alternatives to cosmetic treatments, look no further.
We are dedicated to promoting you to deliver fantastic treatments that can be used on all skin types, have been proven to be safe over a millennia and are authentically holistic.

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We help you fuel your business by offering:

Quality Information & Content

You will find a minefield of knowledge by reading our blogs and website information.

Premium Quality

Use the highest quality premium quality products in your clinic to deliver highly polished treatments that deliver long lasting results

Industry Expertise

With our decades of experience, we deliver first class knowledge and support in the field of Holistic Beauty & Wellness

Customer Service

We provide excellent customer service through the delivery of targeted beauty courses and resources as well as expert technical support in your clinic

Our pledge

White lotus is an ethical and conscious beauty brand with a determination to use recyclable materials, minimal plastic ( with the exclusion of tamper evident packaging), FSC packaging, ethically sourced certified organic herbs and ingredients, chemical free and ethically sourced crystal products.

Our multiple award winning range products are Vegan, Organic, Cruelty Free down to our silk products which are produced without harming a silk worm, they have a normal life span.

Our offices are paper free and run on 75% Wind power, we also use Ecosia as our main internet browsers to allow trees to be planted as we work and additionally donate to their project to give alternative incomes to women in India, Kenya and Brazil.

We are plastic positive and remove 2500kg of plastic from the sea each year using Clean Hub and the Green Worms facility in Kerala that employs disadvantaged women in the project.

We also have Carbon Offset on our website checkouts

We believe in Ethnic Diversity and Inclusion and are lead by our female Director 

Our products are safe to use on all skin types and ethnicities as our our treatments.

The treatments not only benefit your appearance but they have been tested on humans for a millennia. The therapies support and balance the body instead of damaging it.

You will never find an ingredient in a White Lotus product that is not edible, healthy and packed with powerful bio active ingredients.

Our formulations are based on traditional Chinese herbal formulas, with the ingredients having a plethora of benefits as adaptogens.

Finally we are not a normal training institute or beauty brand, we have genuine industry expertise and can give you first hand knowledge to perform the best treatments.
Please see our Media Page and About us Page for further information about White Lotus

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 CPE Points for each course

UK: Please note the British Acupuncture Council does not currently require the completion of CPE points
Australia: ANTA - 6 CPE Points ATMS - 6 CPE Points AACMA - 6 CPE Points
NZ: Acupuncture NZ - 6 CPD Points
Netherlands: Zhong - 6CPD Points Aantal NAPs - 6 NAPs in Categorie 1
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